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Train with Personal trainer Bal harbor

Be able to train the way that you want to train with our personal trainer Bal harbor. Austin Morell Training is required to showcase the benefit of training purposes with our trained and certified trainers. We make sure that all of our trainers are certified and qualified to train the amount of clients we have.

We are really thankful and grateful and blessed to have the trainers that we have and to be able to maintain the cordial relationships that exist between our clients and trainers. The method that we use in Austin Morell Training is one of a kind, we really exceed all and every expectations as we have clear rules for our clients and out trainers.


What Makes AMT Stand Out?

Austin Morell Training is not your typical and run off the mill personal training company. You are able to see our growth and process with our personal trainer Bal harbor. We have been expanding to other areas of South Florida, as we want to make sure that everyone that has the ability to pay for our service can go ahead and use us.

We are a very luxurious company because we really care about giving quality training and making sure that our trainers are certified and getting the training that they need in order to make sure that our clients are satisfied.

At the end of the day our main priority is to the client and this is why be believe it to be so important to really focus on their care, and their maintenance.

Austin Morell Training Priority 

Our priority is to the client, this means that we do everything in our power to ensure that our clients are healthy and thus getting the correct and vital nutrients to their body. By setting up our clients with our food nutrition program we are making sure that the work outs we give them and the food our clients ingest are working hand and hand to help them stay healthy and additionally help mold the body that they are looking for.

Many clients come to us with health issues that we try to solve by providing a healthier and more beneficial diet that is specific to our clients needs and not what everyone else might need. At Austin Morell Training we treat everyone equally yet individually as it should be.

At the end of the day everyone health is different and thus we make sure that we are really targeting our clients and their needs and necessities.

The most important factor that we boast about is how many amazing transformations we have been able to have, and the reason for these transformations is due to our hardworking clients and trainers.

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without their help and without our clients handwork. At the end of the day we, as trainers, can do so much. If you put in the work and aid yourself the way we aid you there is no reason for why this program won’t be successful for you and any of our clients.


Before diving into the practical gym tips for beginners, remember that the most important exercise catalyst is confidence. Whether you’re lifting 100 pounds or 1 pound, you should be proud of yourself for showing up at the gym at all! Don’t be intimidated by others or scared to ask for help.

Remember that everyone at the gym was once in your shoes. Those first few workouts, no matter how “easy” they are in terms of physical intensity, are often the most mentally challenging. Be proud, remain confident and trust that your gym skills and fitness savvy will increase over time.


Beginners often flock to the treadmills and stationary cycles because these machines are easy for all ages and ability levels. But don’t get stuck in a cardio rut — try incorporating at least two days of strength training into your weekly routine. If you aren’t feeling ready to explore the weight room, remember that bodyweight exercises can be just as effective at building strength.

Not really sure where to start? Try one of Planet Fitness’ unlimited, free fitness training sessions offered to all members through PE@PF. These small group sessions are led by certified trainers and can teach you basic weight-training and workout movements. Additionally, most Planet Fitness locations offer a 30-minute Express Circuit training option that can guide you through a full-body workout.



If you’re not sweating by the end of your workout, perhaps you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. Try to reach an “out of breath” state at least once during your workout by incorporating high-intensity movements like sprinting, jumping jacks.

At the end of the day our main priority is to the client and this is why be believe it to be so important to really focus on their care, and their maintenance.