How to Customize a Hoverboard in just 20$

Where can I use an electric scooter?

Unlike electric scooters, i.e. motorized scooters, which may be used on the sidewalk when limited to 6 km/h – and not driven on the road due to a lack of approval – you may drive on the road with a road permit (from 25 km/h) if you have taken out appropriate insurance.

Which driving license is required for an electric scooter?

Depending on the e-scooter model, you will need a specific driver’s license class. This is analogous to conventional customize your own hoverboard , mopeds, and motorcycles. If you want to drive an e-scooter up to a maximum of 25 km/h, you can do so with a moped test certificate. This can be purchased from the age of 15 years.

E-scooters up to a maximum of 45 km/h may be driven with the driving license class B. If you want to drive a faster electric scooter, you need a driving license class A1.

How fast can I drive with an electric scooter?

For an electric scooter with road approval over 45 km/h, you need an extra driver’s license.

In our e-scooter comparison, we focused on models that are designed for city traffic. With these, you can drive a maximum of 45 km/h.

Like traditional scooters, you can drive these electric scooters with a Class B driver’s license. In addition to these models, there are also scooters with a more powerful electric motor that can travel up to 100 km/h or more.

Where can I buy an electric scooter?

If you are interested in an e-scooter, you can look around in stationary retail. At the scooter dealer on-site, you can examine individual models, usually, also test drive and also get personal advice.

An alternative to brick-and-mortar retail is to buy on the Internet. With new and used electric scooters you can make a bargain. Meanwhile, even discounters such as Lidl sell cheap electric scooters or electric scooters in their online shops.

How do electric scooters perform in the Stiftung Warentest test?

The consumer magazine repeatedly tests products such as bicycles and e-bikes, but also accessories and safety clothing for cyclists, motorcyclists, and scooter riders. However, an electric scooter test winner has not yet been chosen by Stiftung Warentest.

For all those who do not want to buy their own e-scooter, but would like to borrow one if necessary, Stiftung Warentest published an interesting message in 2017. In more and more cities, not only bicycles but also scooters can be rented. In addition to gasoline scooters, these included various e-scooters. In the meantime, the supply in the big cities is likely to have increased even more.

Elrofu Chopper X9

Do you have to build the elrofu Chopper X9 electric scooter yourself?

Except for the handlebars, the electric scooter from elrofu is delivered fully assembled.

Electric scooter “EAGLE”

What speed does the Lorenzo e-scooter from Home Deluxe reach?

km/h. It is suitable for road traffic.

What grades did the individual electric scooters receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal electric scooter test winner from the following list:

First place – good: Chopper X9 from elrofu – exemplary Internet price: 2,199 euros

Second place – good: Stalker XT2000 by Blu:s – exemplary Internet price: 1.410 Euro

Third place – good: Elettrico Li from Yadea – exemplary Internet price: 2,299 euros

Fourth place – good: E3000 from LuXXon – exemplary Internet price: 1,900 euros

Fifth place – good: Classico Li by elrofu – exemplary Internet price: 2,699 euros

Sixth place – good: E-Trike 15 V.3 Red from Rolektro – exemplary Internet price: 2,499 euros

Seventh place – good: Electric scooter “EAGLE” by elrofu – exemplary Internet price: 1,899 euros

In the electric scooter comparison, the manufacturer elrofu with 3 out of 7 different products provides the most electric scooters in the product table.

Among how many different manufacturers can the best electric scooter model be selected?

In the electric scooter comparison, we present you a total of 7 electric scooters from 5 manufacturers, from which you can choose the best model for you.

Does the electric scooter comparison also include cheaper and still good electric scooters?

Unless you want to spend 2,699.00 euros on the most expensive product from our comparison, you can also fall back on our price-performance winner Stalker XT2000 from Blu:s or pay an average of 2,129.22 euros for an electric scooter from another manufacturer from our product table.

Which of the electric scooters can stand out due to a particularly high number of customer reviews?

Our editors also looked at the number of customer reviews in the electric scooter comparison: The Chopper X9 from elrofu received a total of 9 reviews.

Which electric scooters stand out by the grade “VERY GOOD”?

None of the 5 manufacturers has an cheap electric scooter in their portfolio, which was rated “VERY GOOD” by the editors. However, we were still able to choose a test or comparison winner and offer you a selection of other good electric scooters.

What similar items have consumers who put an electric scooter in their shopping cart still looked at?

Before buying an electric scooter, customers often inspected other e-scooters, electric scooters and eRollers.