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10 Best Boxing Streaming Sites on the Internet Right Now

Boxing is one of the most high-adrenaline games in the sporting world. The tip-toeing around the opponent, shadow punches, and the final uppercuts to knock out the opponents can be bloody and fierce. Despite its violent nature, it is thrilling to watch and attracts millions of viewers. High-profile, heavy-weight matches of Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao, Anthony Joshua, etc., are watched by thousands of audiences from various parts of the world. These high-profile matches are always telecasted on television because it includes huge viewership money. Yet, many boxing fans are unable to watch it live on television because they don’t have cable connections. But that should not be the case.

So, if you want to watch your favorite bouts, the best way to watch boxing matches is to stream them online. Read along to know the ten best streaming sites where you can watch boxing matches.

1. USTV Go

If you are looking for a stable site to watch boxing and any other combat sports, there is no better option than USTV Go. This streaming site has over ninety channels. So, no matter which channel the matches are getting broadcasted on, it is likely that you can find it easily.

Not to mention, it has an extremely user-friendly interface. So, you can schedule what to watch and track your favorite programs without any hassle. However, it has a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, it only offers US-based channels. Secondly, you cannot access this site without a VPN. So, you need to find a VPN service that works for you. NordVPN is a popular option as it comes with a one month money-back guarantee. So, you can align the site with a VPN and watch your boxing matches without any worry.

2. 123TV

123TV is another popular choice for streaming live content, especially boxing matches. This site offers coverage of 100+ American channels, excluding sports channels. So, if you need to watch anything on entertainment or news channels like HBO, CBS, NBC or Fox News, you are good to go. Apart from these, it also covers all the leading sports channels that broadcast boxing matches, like ESPN, Star Sports, etc.

However, this site also cannot work without a VPN. The site also recommends that users use a good VPN to conceal their identity and check any unrestricted access to their browsing history. So, get yourself a good VPN and watch any boxing match that is getting broadcasted on American television.

3. Viprow

Viprow is a dedicated streaming service that covers all sports events, not just boxing. Numerous people use this site to watch games like Soccer, Snooker, Premier League, NHL, NFL, Golf, Hockey and many more.

Regardless of your favourite sport, you can stream it on Viprow. They even integrate different web-based channels to cater to special orders from visitors.

4. Buffstreams

Buffstream is another online site ideal for real-time streaming. It has a user-friendly platform where viewers can easily choose what they want to watch. There are different sports categories that make the job of the viewers easier. There is a vast array of content to choose from – NFL, Soccer, Boxing, Basketball, Baseball, and many more.

You can also browse the site based on the availability of the programs. You can choose from live as well as upcoming programs. Additionally, this site also notifies the viewers about any major events in Boxing, Wrestling, or any other sports that are coming up.

5. Stream2Watch

It is a big streaming site and attracts hundreds of viewers each day. However, this site is unofficial. So, unlike Buffstreams, it cannot group all the streams based on the broadcasting channels. Rather, it sorts its channels based on the sport they are covering. However, this method can be beneficial for boxing enthusiasts in an alternate way. Since it doesn’t rely on any broadcasters, it can easily stream any sporting events from outside USA.

6. SportsSurge

This is arguable one of the best sites if you want to find vetted sports streams. It offers seamless access to sports channels, including boxing. It is also extremely well-designed. So, users find it very easy to navigate and pick any streams they want to watch.

However, this site is currently undergoing some maintenance. If you search for SportsSurge on the internet, it is likely that you will get a “No Match Found” banner on the screen. So, do not treat this site as your primary option for the time being.

7. Live TV

Live TV has a comprehensive database of all kinds of sports content. So, many online viewers often consider Live TV as the one-stop shop for anything related to sports. This site certainly lives up to the expectations since you can find anything from previews, upcoming broadcasts and even a common forum to discuss sports with fellow enthusiasts. Since 2006, it has been playing an active role in streaming all kinds of sports, including boxing. So, if you are looking for a safe streaming service, look no further than Live TV.

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8. Streameast

This is a sleek and modern streaming site that has become increasingly popular in recent times. Streameast has worked tirelessly to eliminate one of the biggest disadvantages of all streaming sites. You won’t be bothered with continuous pop-up ads or ad banners when you click on this site. However, it is also an illegitimate website.

Despite that, it can easily stream all the major sports like Formula 1, NBA, NHL, NFL, UFC and Boxing. Users need to register with their credentials once for the first time. After that, you can access it anytime to watch a boxing match. But you must be careful while streaming on this site since it is illegal.

9. CrackStreams

CrackStreams is not as visually appealing as Streameast. Moreover, it also has a complicated interface that is very hard to navigate. Additionally, you also need to register to watch any content or to stream any old service from the archives.

Yet, it is a good option to watch multiple sports, including boxing. However, it should not be your first choice.

10. Markky Streams

Another good option for streaming boxing matches online is Markky Streams. This online streaming site is best known for free streaming of MMA and NBA matches. In addition, viewers can also enjoy boxing, volleyball, and other indoor and outdoor sports. If you can ignore the pop-up ads, this is certainly a very good option for online boxing streaming.

Summing Up:

Boxing is a great source of entertainment for many people around the world. However, the popularity of boxing is less than compared to Cricket or Soccer. So boxing doesn’t always get broadcasted in all parts of the world. So, investing in a good VPN and streaming boxing matches is better whenever you feel like watching. VPN helps to mask your IP addresses and lets you stream online content without compromising your security.