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Essential Things to Know About Using Weed for Chronic Pain 


Weed, also known as marijuana and cannabis, has treated several health issues. It works for different chronic pains, including inflammation. Chronic pain is a common health issue among both the old and young. There have been several speculations on the use of weed for chronic pain. So, this article discusses the essential things to know about using weed for chronic pain. 



What is Medical Marijuana? 

Medical marijuana is some cannabis that works for medicinal purposes. Its plant has a history of medicinal use by several traditions. But recently, some countries have made it illegal, leading to this plant’s limited use and research. 

However, previous but weak research suggests that marijuana treats chronic pain, vomiting, and nausea. Also, another 2021 study claimed that marijuana helped with insomnia. 



People use medical marijuana in several ways. They come in capsules, oils, or powder form. Some people even cook marijuana with their food. Anyhow you choose to use it, it will serve you some health benefits. 

Does Weed Cure Chronic Pain? 

Pain is usually the first symptom of any disease. Most people seek medical help when they start feeling pain in any body part. However, pain can also be caused by accidents or lack of sleep. 

Most modern drugs don’t cure some kinds of pain; they only manage the situation. So, patients try some of the oldest forms of medicine, and this is where marijuana comes in. 



Several studies have proved the effectiveness of marijuana for chronic pain. The reason is that it works perfectly as opioids. Opioids are among the most potent and fast pain relievers. 

Even though marijuana cures chronic pain, it comes with side effects. However, these side effects are minor compared to the effects of opioids. 

Furthermore, we should understand that marijuana comes in different strains. Not every strain will work for every kind of pain, and the exact dosage of each strain could vary. 

Do Doctors Recommend Weed for Chronic Pain? 

Doctors rarely prescribe weed, but they do when there’s a case of severe pain. Many scientific studies have found marijuana to be safe for chronic pain. However, some states don’t accept the use of weeds. So, a doctor can’t prescribe to the patients. 

They would instead treat a chronic patient with benzodiazepines or opioids. However, these drugs have adverse effects. 



Though there is an exception for patients dealing with severe cases, they can grow their marijuana plants. They can also buy weed from online stores to treat their conditions. One of the nice places to buy weed is in Halifax. So, you can get weed delivery in Halifax today. 

People who used opioids have resulted in trying weed because they don’t want to suffer from those effects again. This means that many people, even if they don’t have the help of a doctor, can cure their pain with cannabis. 

Best Cannabis Strains for Chronic Pain 

OG Kush 

OG Kush is an Indica strain as a sleep aid. It is also a popular choice for chronic pain because of its potent effects. You only need to take a tiny amount of this strain to sleep. It will also help people who have chronic pain to rest. However, OG Kush is not the best cannabis strain to start with as a novice. The reason is that it has a high THC content. 

White Widow 

White Widow is a hybrid strain that is mostly Indica. This weed strain is one of the most popular globally, and it cures chronic pain, depression, and insomnia. 

Though it is not one of the most potent strains, it works. People who use this strain will be able to fall asleep more quickly. It will also make them feel happy to get rid of the pain that keeps them awake. 

Northern Lights 

This Indica strain is popular for its pain-relieving properties. It started gaining popularity after people started realizing its potent effects. 

Northern Lights give a pleasant sensation. This lets you rest and sleep, thus reducing the pain. 


Blueberry has been around for several years and has worked for several pains. The reason is that they have cannabinoids that fight pain and relax the body. So, you can use blueberry to calm both your body and mind. 

How Much Weed Should You Use for Chronic Pain? 

Since chronic pain could differ, experts have advised that we start taking weed in tiny amounts. If we don’t see the effects, we can gradually increase the dosage as time goes by. 



When you have determined the right dosage, it’s essential to take some break off the plant sometimes. The reason is that it’s easy to get addicted to cannabis, and that’s not so great. 


Though weed is illegal in some states, it has proven effective for chronic pain and other illnesses. It comes with minor side effects, unlike conventional medications. So, it’s safer to use for chronic pain. However, it’s advisable to start in small amounts before deciding the right dosage for your pain.