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How can ergonomic office furniture improve productivity in the workplace?

Ergonomics is concerned with how a work environment fits with a person and not the other way around. Differing from traditional office furniture, ergonomic furniture is designed for comfort and efficiency in the working environment. Research that has been conducted on this has found that the use of ergonomic furniture in the work environment improves productivity in the workplace. But what is ergonomic furniture?

Most common types of ergonomic furniture.

  • Ergonomic chairs

An ergonomic office chair is a chair that has been made specifically to promote good posture and maximise comfort. They provide the spine with support and allow joints to rest in a natural position while giving the freedom to move with the adjustability of the chairs.

  • Ergonomic desk (Sit-Stand desk)

A sit-stand desk helps people work comfortably while sitting at a desk or standing. An electric standing desk can only be used when standing but sit-stand desks can be used when standing and sitting.

  • Kneeling chair

The kneeling chair is meant to reduce lower back pain by dividing weight between shins and the buttocks. Especially used for people with tailbone or coccyx pain

Ergonomic offices could also integrate other items that support employees such as:

  • Ergonomic keyboard and mouse (to help with wrist pain)
  • Monitor arms (to adjust monitor to personal height to support neck)
  • Document holders (these allow people to work on upright documents to support neck)

These are the most common types of ergonomic furniture and other adjustments listed can be implemented into a workplace to improve productivity, but how?

Reasons why ergonomic office furniture improves productivity in the workplace.

1. Preventing injury.

Ground-breaking products such as ergonomic chairs and sit-stand desks have dramatically reduced the likelihood of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) these would be things such as neck and back pain. There is nothing more distracting at work than being in pain and has a negative effect on productivity.

2. Comfort.

The comfort of employees should be at the forefront of any business as it helps to maximise productivity. Those who are uncomfortable would take more breaks to adjust their position and this can delay progress on tasks. Those who use ergonomic furniture are more comfortable and find it easier to keep focus.

3. Sit- Stand desks.

Results from research have shown that these desks maximise productivity and will also help your health by reducing the risks of obesity, lowering your blood sugar levels, improving mood and energy and aiding in increasing your lifespan. 

4. Appointing different spaces.

While most modern offices take the open-plan office route, it is still important to have designated areas around the office that are for individual work, socialising, group work etc. By giving employees a variety of ways to be productive they are more likely to do so having furniture set to accommodate this is necessary.

5. Storage solutions.

If you must work in a workspace that is unorganized and cluttered, you are more likely to be stressed and distracted at work. Having the right storage solutions integrated into your workspace such as integrated drawers or shelves can allow more time to be productive.

6. Lighting and plants.

Natural lighting and plants in the workspace have been proven to boost serotonin in employees’ brains resulting in them being happier and more productive at work. Office furniture should be placed in a way that incorporates natural light from the windows and the addition of plants into the office space.

7. Colours

The colours in an office environment are crucial when designing an ergonomic workspace, colours like blue and light blue are usually used in office spaces to stimulate employees and produce better productivity. Steer away from colours such as bright white that give a more clinical feel. This should not be limited to walls; furniture should reflect the company as well.

Incorporating ergonomic furniture in the workplace is now essential and increasingly, companies are realizing that given better tools that employees are more productive and happier at work. Not only does it allow employees to be physically healthier but mentally creates a better environment to be in.

Countries like Denmark are taking a lead by making it mandatory to supply employees with ergonomic furniture and hopefully other countries will do the same as the evidence speaks for itself. If you value your workers, then you would put things in place to protect their health and going forward this will be the stance of a lot of office workers.

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