Heatless Curls

Your Troubleshooting Guide For Perfect Heatless Curls

Heat injury must not be an added benefit if you wish to curl your long hair or improve your wavy texture because you can create tight, sassy curls and smooth, huge waves without using a hair straightener. There are numerous heatless curls available that are simple to apply and last longer in your hair.

It’s about being gentle with your hair when you go for a heatless hairdo. So put your hair dryer, straightening devices, and curling tools away for a time. Embracing your textured look is among the secrets to best air dry. So, whatever hair kind you have – choosing the correct no-heat hair care goods and styles for your hair texture is one of the tricks to having your hair dry naturally. So, relax and prepare to appreciate your inherent beauty.

1. French Braid

This hairstyle looks best on hair that is 50-60% dry (if you have long hair or have trouble drying it quickly, wait until it becomes 70-80% dry). Then, divide your hair into two portions and French braid one side.

Leave the knots in for the night and wait until they’re dry before removing them. When it’s time to dress, your hair will be ruffled in beach waves in no time.

2. Shower Curls

Use the best products for wavy hair, including chemical-free shampoo and conditioner, to prepare your hair for style without heat. Use moisturizing hair products. Dry your hair with a towel, but be careful as frizz and tangles can be caused by wiping your hair vigorously with a towel. It can even result in hair thinning and damage.

Using the towel, wipe the excess water from roots to ends. To avoid damage, consider pushing instead of rubbing the hair. You’re now ready to begin air drying your hair.

3. Lazy Curls

If you’re a low-maintenance girl who alternates between curling her hair and wearing it in a bun, sleepy heatless curls are the way to go. It’s excellent if you’re working with third-day hair and want to achieve quick waves while multitasking or on a relaxing day. Just follow the simple steps and flaunt your lazy curls:

  • First, draw your hair into a ponytail.
  • Wet little one-inch strands of hair and wrap each separately around your hands to form a curl.
  • Hold the curl against the scalp with a clip.
  • Unpin the separate curls and pull down the ponytail after your hair has dried.

You may even use the same method to add fullness to your extensions before securing them to your head.

4. Bathrobe Curls

Put the bathrobe belt on top, and place it, so it’s equal on both ends to produce these gorgeous heatless curls. Then separate your hair into two portions and wrap each strand of hair in loops around the robe tie, accumulating additional hair as you go. Tie a strand of the hair around the root.

You can also use bobby pins to keep thick hair in place. These are the best heatless curls if you have weak, thin hair and want to add bounce and thickness to the strands.

Repeat until you’ve reached the end, then fasten each side with a hair band or a clip. Let it stay overnight for the optimum results, and you’ll wake up with stunning curly curls.

5. Stockings Curls

Use stockings as a basis for smaller curls. The method uses the same approach as robe curls. Spritz your hair with texturizing spray or hairspray.

6. Runaway Heatless Waves

There’s something about the model’s appearance that appeals to us. The definition of being effortless is basic, no-made makeup and classical clothing. A few hair ties, hairspray, a spray bottle filled with water, and little hair wax are all you’ll require to get this look.

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7.  Curlformers

Curlformers are a popular product for curling hair or experimenting with your curl pattern since it generates consistent spiral curls. Hair curlers (typically in two colors to alternating strands) and a hook are present in each box. Don’t panic; the following are the application method that is simpler than it appears:

  • Begin with damp hair that has been freshly washed. Put a little curl-defining product on your wet hair for better results.
  • Hook a piece of hair near the scalp with the hooks inside a curler.
  • Pull the hooks out of the tube while placing the curler near your head. Take little parts; if you feel uncomfortable throughout the application process, you should pick a large section.
  • Allow your hair to curl overnight by diffusing it or wrapping it in a scarf.

8. Wet Hair Braids For Heatless Curls

Braided hair becomes wavy in the morning, which is nothing new. Here’s how to get a truly stunning result that will last all day:

  • Begin with damp but not wringing wet hair after washing it and removing extra moisture.
  • For flawless air dry without the additional fizziness, use the dry cream.
  • Make two Dutch braids and leave your hair to dry naturally.

The curls will settle in 6 hours, so a good night’s sleep will get you some gorgeous wavy curls in the morning. However, you can still give in to the desire to keep your rebellious Dutch braids for one more day before moving to curls.


Many women shape their hair using curling irons and straighteners. But we overlook that, despite its small size, this equipment consumes a lot of energy and damages the hair. If you’re searching for a quick technique to curl your hair without using heat, these heatless curling techniques may transform the look of your hair.