hair shrinkage

How to deal with hair shrinkage?

Several women complain of experiencing hair shrinkage. But what is hair shrinkage? Well, if you have curly hair, or you know someone who has curly hair, you may have noticed that many a times, as hair loses moisture, the curls lose their natural volume, their length, and the hair contracts in size. This means that the hair often starts to look shorter than it actually is.

Hair shrinkage is a common problem that is faced by many women who have curly hair. Curls are of several types. Some are small, dense, whereas the other are long, and less dense. While the types might be different, all curls are a little difficult to look after, and almost all of them face shrinkage.

Curly hair requires an exclusive hair care routine and what works for all other hair types, might not work for those beautiful, round, bouncy curls.

Hair shrinkage is a common issue and the rising dirt, dust, and pollution, plus the over use of hair styling tools have grown to lead to more damage. Therefore, it is important to use natural hair shrinkage products.

How can you stop your natural hair from shrinking?

1. Ensure you keep your hair moisturized-

It is important to keep your hair moisturized. Stop washing your hair very frequently as it can make your hair lose its natural oils. But at the same time, keep your hair and scalp clean. An unclean scalp and dirty hair can lead to other hair problems. But it is important to keep your hair moisturized as it is an important step in dealing with hair shrinkage.

2. Detangle your hair properly and gently-

Hair that has knots does not get equal distribution of hydration, and moisture. Don’t be harsh on your hair. Detangling knots gently is important as being harsh on it can lead to hair breakage. Detangled hair flaunts its natural lengths better. So it is extremely important to get rid of those knots.

3. Condition your hair-

When you wash your hair, ensure that you use sulfate free shampoo. After you use your chemical free shampoo, remember to condition your hair properly. Conditioning your hair is a very important step and no matter what you should not miss out on it. Again, remember to keep your hair type in mind, and only use natural hair shrinkage products.

4. Stretching isn’t important for your body alone-

Even if you cover your hair with your scarf while sleeping, you should make sure you style your hair in a way that your curls are loose while you sleep. How you treat your hair at all times is directly related to how it looks.

5. Give anti-frizz serums a chance-

This is one of the prized possessions that every woman who faces frizz should have with them. Anti-frizz serums can drastically reduce your hair frizz. These serums help your hair stay protected from humidity.

6. Blow dry your roots-

Albeit you should avoid heat as much as possible when it comes to your hair, you can rely on a good dryer and a reliable heat protectant to save you from the damage. The simple logic behind blow drying your hair is that the straighter your hair is, the longer it will look.

7. Give hair gels a chance-

Hair gels, even simple aloe gels can help your hair achieve definition. But if you are trying hair gels, ensure you use chemical free products.

8. Braid your hair-

Pigtails look cute for sure, but they are even more advisable if you are looking to maintain your curly hair’s health and definition. You can part your hair and braid them nicely before you go to bed.

Hair shrinkage does not signify poor hair health. It shows that your hair is properly moisturized. Though it requires more effort, curly hair has its own beauty. In order to maintain it, we advise you use our suggested methods.

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