How To Choose A Perfect Carport Size And Its Benefits

Precis: Swirling around google to know how to select the right size of the carport? Well, then you have touched down the right page. This post will let you know which carport to choose out of the single-wide carport, double-wide carport, or triple vehicle sizes.


A carport is a significant addition to any property. While they are inexpensive to install, they provide a great place to store your vehicles have a garden or a covered yard. They keep everything covered from inclement weather while still giving you a taste of your own, as long as you have a carport large enough for all your belongings.

A properly sized carport is where you can comfortably cover what you want underneath. A single car or van requires a smaller storage solution than two trucks. You should also have enough space for everything you plan to do inside the structure.

Although choosing the size of the carport may seem daunting, it is a very simple process. It’s a simple assessment of your needs and applies some sustainability.

Carport Sizes

The problem with sizing carports comes from the nature of carports. You can only install them once. If your structure is too small, you have to knock it down and start over. If it’s too big, you waste space and money to get it.

A properly sized carport will provide the most effective and cost-effective protection possible for your vehicle. The solution to this question is to understand your needs and the size of the parking spaces available to you.

Choosing The Right Size of Carport

Fortunately, carport size options tend to be common across all manufacturers. You can get a single-wide carport, double-wide carport, or triple vehicle sizes, or you can even install a carport with storage room to add that extra yards to your home. Therefore, your task is to decide what are your requirements and desires.

Let’s dig deep into this to turn this dismaying process into an effortless process.

Choosing the right carport size depends greatly on the number of vehicles you have and what kind of vehicles you have?

Number of Cars

You’ll need a carport wide enough to fit your favorites underneath. You need enough space for the vehicle and the people passing between it. In addition, you’ll need enough space to open the door.

Height and Type of Vehicles

The vehicle must fit within the structure. Therefore, the carport roof should be higher than the height of your tallest vehicle. Standard structure makes it easy to handle regular cars and light trucks, but large vehicles such as RVs and trailers can have problems. If you have an RV, you can get an RV cover. Basically, it’s a tall carport with double legs.

Other Criteria

Other than the factors related to vehicles, there are many other factors that need consideration. So, let’s look at some of them part by part.

Purpose of Carport

Vehicles are not the only ones that can be stored under a carport. You can use them to store all kinds of vehicles and lawn fixtures, or you can use the space like a covered patio. All applications have size limits and need a structure that can accommodate them.

Available Space

Many builders rarely talk about it, but your location largely determines the size of the carport you can have. You can even install a carport with storage room if you have a large area.

Future Plans

Carports are usually built as a one-off structure, so you need something that fits what you plan to house. If you consider adding vehicles to your family, you should consider them now in your size calculations. Otherwise, you will face the additional costs of acquiring a new carport. This is very important as material prices do not remain the same, and prices usually do not go down but tend to go up.

“Carport” can be misleading. Metal carports can cover almost any vehicle, including bicycles, snowmobiles, and tractors. Many boat owners are forced to pack garages and pay for expensive storage. Metal carports allow you to secure your boat at home by storing it in a lake or marina.

Not only this but there are many other benefits of adding carports to your space. Let’s take a glance at those benefits.

Why shall You Install the Carport?

The carport can be used as a picnic area, outdoor workshops, and many other uses. The possibilities are truly endless. And in addition to many possible uses, choosing a durable metal carport has many advantages.

Here’s why it makes sense to invest in a carport.


Parking your car under a metal carport or garage is one of the wisest decisions you can make. This protects your car from bad weather such as heavy rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind, and sunlight.


Metal carports (especially those with closed sides and edges) help protect valuables from criminals. Security is also enhanced when getting in and out of the car at night.


They are called carports, but they can actually cover all types of vehicles. In addition to cars and trucks, metal carports can be used to protect RVs, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, lawn equipment, and more.


Of course, a prefabricated metal carport is also an ideal storage space. You can also add small sheds and buildings to your structure and turn them into carports that provide both vehicle coverage and enclosed storage space.


It is never stronger than steel. Metal carports are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. And it gets even better! Steel structure does not corrode, and you do not have to worry about termites. It also has much better fire resistance.


The right size carport for you is one that allows you to store all your cars and whatever you want with it. You can measure the size of your vehicle, but most standard carport sizes can accommodate most cars and trucks. Therefore, you may need the number and type of cars you have and the space you want to reserve as a patio. To get assistance in choosing the right size carport and to avail of the benefits mentioned above, you can contact us. We at Cardinal Carports strive to get the best customer experience, consequently working hard in delivering the best suitable product to your doorstep. So, scroll through our website now to get insight into our services and book the best deal for yourself.