How to take care of your Braided wig



If you want to get the most out of your braid wig, you have to take good care of it so that it will last you for years to come. Braided wigs are not like natural hair wigs, which usually only need conditioning or shampooing every few weeks; on the contrary, braid wigs should be washed every one to two weeks, and this takes some effort. The following guide will teach you how to take care of your braided wig by washing it properly and setting it up to last as long as possible.


Get To Know Your Hair

You might have spent money on a high-quality, natural-looking synthetic or human hair weave, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect it. After all, with good maintenance comes long-lasting style. Start by washing and deep conditioning your hair as regularly as you would if it were a part of your real hair. You can use any shampoo or conditioner in your regular routine, but it’s best not to use shampoos or conditioners specifically formulated for chemically treated or color-treated real hair since they contain ingredients that can damage synthetic fibers. Also keep in mind that frequent heat styling may be hard on synthetic wigs, so limit hot tools usage whenever possible.


Wash And Condition Your Hair

It is important to wash and condition your hair before putting it in a synthetic or lace front wig. Synthetic wigs are easier to clean than human hair, but any tangled or matted hair should be brushed before being washed. You can also add a little bit of conditioner on synthetic wigs that you plan on wearing for an extended period of time, as it will help keep it soft and preserve its style. You can use products designed specifically for human hair, but avoid using products that contain silicone or oil, which can make wigs shinier but can attract dirt and dust. Instead, look for product without these ingredients.


Use Leave-In Products

Hair wigs have gained immense popularity in recent years. You can choose from a wide variety of hair wigs in salons, showrooms, fashion boutiques and many other places. People go for hair wigs because they are not only comfortable and convenient but also add to your personality. However, you need to take proper care so that it looks as beautiful and stylish as ever. Learn how to care for your braided wig. To get maximum life out of your braided wig, you should use leave-in products. They help keep moisture locked into your hair by sealing off cuticles and repairing any damage done to them. One good example is Coconut Oil; one drop goes a long way! Apply it on damp or dry hair as needed and voila! Your strands will be silky smooth without looking greasy or heavy with product build-up. Also, try adding Silk Amino Acids or protein treatment every few weeks when using a heated styling tool like flat iron or curling iron. This will prevent any breakage while keeping your style looking gorgeous.


Enjoy And Share!

It’s important that you treat your braided hair just like normal hair. That means wash it at least every other week. If you’re not able to, try soaking it in a mixture of water and conditioner and then braid it for a few hours; then rinse thoroughly and use a light protein or moisturizing conditioner. Protect it from UV rays by wearing a hat or scarf when you go outside, and don’t sleep with your braids wet! Brassy colors can also be avoided by conditioning every so often and avoid wearing tight hairstyles. Happy styling!