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Which Cycle is the Best For Your Kids?

One of the best practices you can instill in your children is cycling. It helps your children be active and healthy. In the digitalized environment, it is very important to let your kids have a healthy outdoor playing experience. There are a lot of bicycle variants in the market, and you can choose the one your child likes the most.

The electric cycle price is also found to be comparatively lower and doesn’t affect your budget. You can also look out for other models in the market like gear and trek cycles for your children. The foldable cycle price is also affordable. This article contains some of the top cycles that are best in the price for your kids. So, keep reading to know more!


  • Hero Blast 20T Single Speed Cycle for Unisex-Youth Kids’ Bike Ideal For 7 to 9 Years Frame size: 12 Inches (Multicolour)

This bicycle is one of the best variants in the market for children of 7 to 9 years. The hero blast is famously known for its multi-use personality. This cycle has only a one-speed mode. The handlebar is very steady and helps the rider in having superior grip and control over the cycle. This hero cycle is designed in deep black colour and comes with stylish stickers and prints. Both the wheels of this wonderful cycle come equipped with calliper brakes. The thickness of the tyre ranges up to 20 inches which makes it very safe to ride on the roads. It comes with an attached mudguard and a bell.


  • Firefox Bikes Flydale Light Weight Anti-Skid Pedal Power Brake Seat Height Adjustment Cycle for 5-7 Years Kid, Frame 8.5 inches, 16 inches Wheel, (Pink and Yellow)

The Firefox bikes are another wonderful cycle for children. This specific cycle is the right choice for young girls. A very powerful brake mechanism of V brake is employed in this cycle. The body of the bicycle is made of alloy, so you can park it outside and be worry-free of the rusting mechanism. The crank is made of only one piece, and it gives more strength and balance to the rider. It comes with a secure lock also. The Anti-skid pedal power will help your child be safe. The electric cycle price is in the affordable range. You can easily buy it. The side wheels are also available for additional support.


  • Hi-Fast 14-inch Kids Cycle for Boys & Girls 3 to 5 Years with Back Seat & Training Wheels (Semi-Assembled)

The design of this unisex cycle is so amazing, and the kids will definitely love it. The built of the cycle is excellent and is available in the eye-catching neon design. The grip and handbrake are first class and provide superior safety and comfort to the children. Both the front and the rear wheel have the calliper brakes installed in them. The thick tyres present in this Hi-Fast bicycle offer more grip and comfort while riding on tough terrain. The training wheels are also available with this beautiful bicycle. The presence of a Bike bell and stylish decal add extra fun to the ride. The seat with the laidback rest comes as a nice addition to the kid’s cycle. The foldable cycle price is also low so you can buy it online from the shopping sites.


  • Hero Peppy 16T Junior Bike

Another wonderful kid cycle by the hero Peppy is the 16T junior bike. Designed in the most aesthetic purple colour, this wonderful bike looks more appealing. The presence of Shimano wheels provides greater ground support and comfort to the child. The side wheels of support are also given with this bike. The tire is very thick and gives a much-needed grip. Both the front and rear end brakes are amazing and work on point. The rigid suspension, single gear system are other features.


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