Summer Tyres
Summer Tyres

Are Summer Tyres All You Need?

Tyres are becoming an asset and a dependable aspect not for one individual but most of the population. Your vehicles need the help of tyres to move and travel. It is your tyres that take you to places. No matter what vehicle, a set of Tyres Fareham is the essential element that will provide the grip, traction, safety, and even improve the all in all performance by a great percentage.

You should never underestimate the power of tyres because if they can improve, they can also reduce the working stability of your precious cars. Most of the mechanism depends on tyres as they are considered the alpha part that positively and negatively impacts the vehicle life and safety.

There are so many types of tyres that you can drive with and different tyres exhibit distinct features and characteristics. Choosing a suitable tyre model and type is completely your opinion but you must have sufficient knowledge about tyres so that you do not fail to purchase the wrong ones and regret it afterwards.

About Summer Tyres

To begin with, you likely own a pair of summer tyres as they are fitted in the modern vehicle. If you bought a new car recently, it has probably come with summer tyres. There is a buzz about summer tyres as they are the most commonly used tyres today. No other tyre has been able to get the popularity that these summer tyres have gained. Although they are seasonal tyres, they are given priority over other tyres that might provide better performance.

Summer tyres are mostly used in sunny and hot weather when the road conditions are quite dry. To deliver a good quality drive, these tyres are engineered in a way that provides subtle driving and the best grip due to the large block shape tread pattern. If you would use any other tyre like winter or 4×4, you will not be able to achieve performance as good as summer tyres in extremely dry conditions. The tread pattern is designed in a way to suit the road conditions- they have a shallow block-like structure that leaves a bigger footprint and this helps to maintain better handling on flat and tarmac roads.

About Winter tyres

Winter tyres are also engineered to be used under 7 degrees only. They are also called snow or icy tyres, with tread patterns like deeper and small blocks with sipes and grooves inside to flush out the excess snow sticking on the tyres. Just like summer tyres, these are also seasonal tyres and should be only used in cold weather conditions.

Although there is an alternative for both the seasonal tyres – All-season tyres, which can be used all year round regardless of the weather changes. These tyres eliminate the hassle of switching tyres when the season changes. They can work throughout the year delivering excellent performance especially in summers and rainy seasons but they are not considered as good as winter tyres, so it is your responsibility to make the wise choice of choosing the right tyre.

Considering summer tyres, they cannot be used in any other season as they are specially designed to be driven in hot climates. If you try to drive with summer tyres in winters, you would start damaging your tyres intentionally. By doing so, their rubber structure will deteriorate and it will start wearing out on driving even a little distance. Using damaged tyres will increase the risk especially in winters, on snow-covered and wet road surfaces. Your vehicle will start slipping and put your safety at risk.

Similarly, you cannot use Winter Tyres Fareham in summers, they will get damaged the same way as summer tyres. So whenever you go tyre shopping, you must know what tyre you want and are these tyres must match the road and climatic changes of the place you live.

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