What Kind of Earrings Go Well with Short Hair?

Congratulations! After months of deciding, you are now finally a part of the short hair club. It’s now time to choose what earrings would complement your stylish look. Short hair, as we all know, makes your earrings more visible and prominent. As a result, finding a style that complements and flatters your overall appearance is critical.

However, choosing earrings for that bob or pixie haircut can be quite intimidating despite a large number of options available.

If you are one of those women, who often has this question –  What earrings should I wear with short hair, well, we say that the possibilities are truly boundless. Read on to know more.


9ct Gold Drop Earrings

If you want to add a feminine touch to your ensemble, then go for sleek gold drop earrings. Take our word, you’ll never look back if you wear these lovely drop earrings with your short hair. They descend just below the earlobe and give your face a lovely length. Despite the fact that these types of earrings suit most hairstyles, they look especially great on women with round faces and short hair. You can go all out with a pair of these 9ct gold drop earrings or keep it simple. Either way, they will look great.

Pearl Titanium Earrings – Danglers

Pearl titanium earrings are a contemporary day classic. These earrings have a chandelier design that add a stylish and trendy touch to any outfit. Most women think that danglers are difficult to work with short hair. That, however, is not the case. This earring type is perfect for practically any short hairdo because it is the perfect length and has a sleek aesthetic. Danglers are an enlarged form of drop earrings that extend the face and add a whimsical element to your ensemble. If you’re having trouble deciding between the many alternatives, pick a pair that’s sleek with medium length.


Studs have a refined aura. They are a fantastic way to complement short hair and are loved by most women. Adding these glamorous pairs of studs will be a magnificent accent to any outfit. Stud earrings with diamonds and pearls are a safe pick that look great, especially if you’re going for a dinner party or a formal function. Go for studs with colored gemstones if you want something flashier.


These hoop earrings are in style for all the right reasons. When worn with the proper attire, they look incredibly fashionable, trendy and chic. Not to mention, they effortlessly accentuate your jawline and cheekbones, giving you a fun and flirty style. While metal forms are appropriate for everyday wear, gemstone versions are ideal for a date night or a fun outing with friends.

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So, you know what earrings will accentuate your short hair. However, there are


Well, there are no guidelines as such; wear whatever makes you feel confident and happy. If you have short hair, however, we advise you to avoid –

  • Earrings that are out of proportion to your hairdo
  • Earrings that go all the way down to your shoulders
  • Earrings that are overly big and chunky

Moreover, it’s also a good idea to make sure your earring style pairs up well with the rest of your jewellery. Wear a delicate pair of earrings, such as burgundy pearl earrings, or handmade pearl earrings with a dazzling flower pearl necklace. This will maintain the equilibrium.


  • Choose jewellery that complements your overall outfit
  • Don’t go overboard with accessories, keep it minimal
  • Consider your facial shape as well as the undertones of your skin while choosing earrings
  • Go for geometric earrings if you have a round or square face
  • If your hair covers your ears, choose lengthy earrings that fall close to the neck
  • Go for ear cuffs and studs if your ears are visible


So those are the beautiful earrings that go well with short hair. Pick these ideas right away to add to your entire personality a wonderful appeal. All the four earrings we’ve shown you so far are attractive and appropriate for both formal and casual occasions. Happy styling!